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Barbara Hammer
Witness: Palestine (Sunday Sessions. Pasolini: Intellettuale)
Dec 16, 2012
In her most recent project Witness: Palestine the established artist and filmmaker Barbara Hammer integrates film practices into social spaces sharing the voices of men and women she met on the first LGBTQ Solidarity Tour of Palestine in January, 2012. How could she allow others a similar experience?  This is one of the most important questions the artist raises with this work. Upon seeing Intellettuale, 1975, by Fabio Mauri who projected the Pasolini film (The Gospel According to Saint Matthew, 1964) on Pasolini himself, she found her clue. By inviting the reader/audience into the work to produce it, instead of enforcing a predetermined reading, Hammer privileges the intelligence and integrity of the participant.

Source: PS1 New York