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The artwork for the LP was created by Markus Weisbeck, who also designed the accompanying publication, Friendly Approximation. The design is based on photographs and video stills of Approximation as well as reproductions from the Anthropos Institute in Sankt Augustin, Germany, which hosts Gusinde’s estate.

The publication and LP are published on the occasion of solo exhibitions at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes – Museo sin Muros, Santiago, Chile (2014), KOW, Berlin (2015), and CIRCA Projects, Newcastle upon Tyne (2015). They also serves as an appendix to the multichannel video installation produced by Mario Pfeifer on Tierra del Fuego, Chile, which was nominated for the German Competition at the 61st International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (2015) and had its world premiere at Migrating Forms, New York (2014). The publication Friendly Approximation will be available in summer 2015.

12-inch LP
Musical score written and produced by Kamran Sadeghi, commissioned by Mario Pfeifer for the multichannel video installation Approximation in the digital age for a humanity condemned to disappear.
Artwork by Markus Weisbeck, photographs and video stills by Mario Pfeifer.

May 2015, English