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Chto Delat?: Time Capsule
Secession, Revolver Verlag, Vienna
Edited by Dmitry Vilensky, Tina Lipensky, Bettina Spörr

The catalogue for Chto Delat's exhibition at the Secession, like the show itself, consists of two parts: one section is a new installation reflecting on the present situation in a moment of growing danger and catastrophe (also mirrored in the print format of the new issue of our newspaper); the other, archival section contextualizes our work for more than a decade by means of posters, ephemera, film fragments and documents and is represented in this book in the form of a poster timeline and a lexicon.

160 Seiten, Format: 230 x 310mm
Texte: Chto Delat
Deutsch / Englisch
Secession 2014