solo exhibition
nbk, Berlin, 2016
Esiod 2015, 2016
Sound installation, films
Every Word You Say, 2014
Film installation
The Cast, 2013
3-channel synchronized HD film installation
Muster (Rushes), 2012
Open Air Cinema in Mardin, Turkey
Sun Cinema, 2010
Installation with 8 videos, 16 mm film, photographies and displayed found footage
The Fourth Wall, 2009
2 channel video installation
The Inner Campus, 2008
Die Probe (The Test), 2008
Von Gegenüber (From the Opposite Side), 2007
Divided Monologue, 2007
Video/ 35mm, series of 4 photographs
Metropolis: Report from China, 2004-2006
HD-video/ 35mm
Rien du tout, 2006
Untitled (Reconstruction), 2005
16 mm film, video, series of 6 photographs
Otjesd (Leaving) and The Making of Otjesd, 2005
Video installation on 3 screens, series of 3 photographs
Das Bildermuseum brennt, 2004
35 mm film, digital video, series of 7 photographs
Silberhöhe and Die Siedlung (The New Estate), 2003-2004
2 digital videos, series of 8 photographs
Big Business and The Making of Big Business, 2004
35 mm film, digital video, 3 series of photographs
Occupation and The Making of Occupation, 2002
Mass, 1998