Monographs / Exhibition Catalogues

2014 ∙ Michael E. Smith, Zabludowicz Art Projects, London
2013 ∙ Michael E. Smith, Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen

Group Exhibition Catalogues

2015 ∙ Anche sculture muoiono. Sculptures Also Die, Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi,                
               Cura.Books, Firenze
2014 ∙ The Unwinding, Cookie Butcher, Antwerpen
2013 ∙ Les Prairies, Biennale d'art contemporain de Rennes, Éditions B42, Paris
2012 ∙ Le Silence: Une Fiction, Mack, London

Articles (Selection)

2015 ∙ Artnews, "Michael E. Smith: An Insider's Outsider", February 2015
             ∙ Blouin Artinfo, Subterranean Homesick Blues: Michael E. Smith at
               SculptureCenter, by Mostafa Heddaya, July 2015
             ∙ Contemporary Art Writing Daily, July 2015
2014 ∙ Jonathan Griffin, "After the End", Frieze, Nov/Dec
             ∙ Nadja Rottner, ” Michael Smith, Susanne Hilberry Gallery” Artforum,
               September 2014
             ∙ Will Heinrich, ”Technokinesis" at Blum & Poe,’ Gallerist NY, July 30
             ∙ Gabriel H. Sanchez, “Slip, Mitchell-Innes & Nash”. Artforum Critic’s Pick, July 22
             ∙ Lucia Simek, “Michael E. Smith – The Power Station/Dallas”,
               Flash Art, May/ June 2014, p120-121
             ∙ Mark Rappolt, “Michael E. Smith – FutureGreats 2014, selected by Marc                 
               Rappolt,” ArtReview, March 19
             ∙ “Michael E. Smith at Clifton Benevento,” Modern Painters, March, p92
             ∙ Claire Barliant, “Michael E. Smith”, Art in America, March
             ∙ Mark Rappolt, "Michael E. Smith", Art Review, March
             ∙ David A. Willis, “Over the Edge: Michael E. Smith at Clifton Benevento”,
               NY Arts Magazine online, January
2013 ∙ Kerry Gaertner Gerbracht, “Headless Chicken in Empty Gallery:
               Michael E.Smith at Clifton Benevento”, Art in America online, December 12
             ∙ “Michael E. Smith, CAPC Bordeaux”, Mousse Magazine, Issue 41,
                December / January
             ∙ Stephen Squibb, “Michael E. Smith, Clifton Benevento”, Art Agenda,
               December 6
2012 ∙ Colby Chamberlain, “A Disagreeable Object”, Artforum, December, p278
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             ∙ Steven Squibb, “Whitney Biennial 2012”, Art Agenda, March 23
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2011 ∙ Jonathan Griffin, “Michael E. Smith, Michael Benevento, Los Angeles”,
              Flash Art, October, p109
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             ∙ Chris Sharp, “A complete rest”, Kaleidoscope, Issue 10, spring 2011, p42-49
             ∙ Simone Menegoi, “Michael E. Smith, Moenchehaus Museum Goslar”,
               Artforum (online), April
2010 ∙ Randy Kennedy, “Once on This Island. A D.I.Y. Art Show, The New York Times",
               5 December, C1
             ∙ Andrew Russeth, “After a ‘Blood Drive’, Michael E. Smith Returns to New York”,
               16 miles of string (online), September 16
             ∙ Catherine Wagley, “Liberated Women”, Daily Serving: An International Forum
               For The Contemporary Visual Arts, August 20
             ∙ Sharon Mizota, “A Dark Romp Through Desire”, The Los Angeles Times, August 13
2009 ∙ “The Artist and The Art”, Detroit Free Press, June 14
             ∙ “Kow Issue #3,” Koch Oberhuber Wolff
             ∙ “DEF, drafts establishing future”, ABC Art Berlin Contemporary
             ∙ “Blood Drive, KED #04, Kasen Editions”, Zach Feuer Gallery
2007 ∙ Lynn Crawford, “Take Shelter”, Detroit Metro Times, July 11
             ∙ Jonathan Bardelline, “No explanation, just experience at exhibit”,
               Observer-Eccentric, July
2006 ∙ Eve Doster, “Night and Day: Kate Levant”, Detroit Metro Times, June 10